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Wecome to Tumukunde Initiative Website please contact us at tumukunde11@gmail.com +250788844275
Children are the future. We believe that children are resilient and able to overcome many challenges. We believe that children are experts in their own lives and that we should take what they say seriously.

The Importance of Family and Community
We believe that children grow best in families. A child’s long-term developmental needs are best met within a family, rather than an institution like an orphanage. Strengthening the capacity of families and communities is the most effective way to address the needs of children made vulnerable by HIV, AIDS and poverty.

Respect for Community Owners /Being Agile, Adaptive, and Responsive/hip and Local Leadership/Being Collaborative
A community’s ownership and investment in forging its own solutions to local problems is essential to sustainability. We seek to learn from and to work in partnership with local leadership.

Tumukunde Initiative is empowering Youth with disabilities by supporting them in job creativity, they are coming to the Center to make paper greeting cards to help them in income generating! When you buy one you support them for many!

Tumukunde Initiative in bringing hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness.
Our work of Tumukunde Initiative
Welcome Message of Tumukunde Initiative Founder
Peace Academy , Sports for Peace and Hope , Poetry for Peace ,
Volunteer with Tumukunde Initiative - one person can make a difference and everyone should try
Leaving a Legacy of Hope
To book a survivor speaker to talk at your school please fill in this form.

Join Tumukunde Initiative in bringing hope to the hopeless and light to the darkness. Every action you take has a ripple effect, making a huge difference by the time it reaches Rwanda. There are many exciting opportunities to take action with The Tumukunde
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